Thursday, 20 April 2017

Fabric Painting

This week I had a try at some fabric painting. I did some stenciling on a linen shopping bag. I really loved the poppies and thought the stenciling worked really well. I think this is something I'd like to try again but perhaps have a few more colours of pigments/paints to use. Once the items was stenciled it was simply a matter of ironing the items to ensure the print was permanent.  

Monday, 20 February 2017

Valentine Wreath

As my machine had to go in for its service and I could not complete any sewing I decided to embark upon a project I had considered a while ago, making a wreath for Valentines day.
So starting with the following items, one woven willow wreath , a multitude of ribbons and some ceramic painted hearts I began to create my wreath.

Wreath and ribbons 

Beginning the process
Ribbons all tied 

I am quite pleased with the end result and it kind of brightens up the front door which was looking a bit dull after Christmas.

No Longer a UFO

I cannot remember when I began this quilted picnic blanket but it is finally finished. I initially bought the fabrics because they caught my eye in amoungst a selection of reduced fat quarters. I had no particular project in mind I simply thought they looked so crisp and clean that I just had to buy them. I stored them for a good while until a suitable project came to mind. Of course when the project presents itself,  you never have quite enough fabric so starting on a project always means yet another visit to the  shops to buy more fabric.  

Well I got all the fabric together and began work, but of course a multitude of other things come up, and what started with great enthusiasm gets set aside for more immediate projects. However, this year I promised myself  I was going to make time to complete at least some of the UFO's I have in my craft room. So this is my first finished item, I also have some felt work almost completed so I feeling just a little smug.  I should point out I did get a little help from my friend Stella with the binding because as she pointed out 'I was doing it all wrong', so thank you Stella. 

Please note pictures do not to full justice to the colours as the green is much zinyer in real life.
Its ideal for a picnic blanket. 

Now I have this completed I have a picnic basket to line in the coordinating fabric hahaha always another job waiting.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Fresh from the kiln

Well some of our ceramic bits were out of the kiln having been glazed and fired. Sadly they didn't come out quite as expected, rather patchy, but for a first attempt I was quite pleased. 

The latex resist worked well and left the edges of the fins unglazed.
 I intend to pain these a different colour 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


As promised here are some pictures of the pottery I have made during the last couple of weeks.
My first piece of pottery which got through the firing process.

These have been glazed and are ready for the kiln. They look grey but apparently they will be a beautiful blue green when fired can not wait to see. 

My first thrown bowl

Tried making some coasters

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Off to my second pottery class tonight. We will be able to see if what we made last week made it through the firing process. Pictures will follow if they did.
I am also hopeful, that tonight, I might get to try throwing a pot, and by that I do not mean tossing a lump of china across the room. I want to try using the potters wheel to throw a pot. If I make anything resembling a pot I show you in my next post. I am hopeful, but, I have been told it takes many years to become really proficient so don't hold your breath. 

Saturday, 7 January 2017

All Wrapped Up For Christmas 2016

I know I promised to get blogging again but sadly other things got in the way so I failed to keep the promise, however, New Year, new promise. I am going to try and do a post at least once every two weeks. 

Just thought to begin with I'd post some things we got up to over Christmas and New Year.

My front door to welcome everyone to Christmas within

Our trip to Germany Mannheim and Heidelberg German Christmas markets

At the Eden Project

Dartmoor pony

The tree

The slide trip at the Olympic park

Before the slide

after the slide experience

The slide

Taking selfies with her new camera
Happy New Year to everyone, keep safe, keep healthy,stay happy and be kind to each other.